What to Expect

From the Sessions

When we meet for the first time, I’ll get some basic information about why you’re seeking counseling. We’ll get into the history of your problem/issues, how it is affecting your life, and the attempts you’ve made on your own to fix it. I call this a time of assessment. I want to get a good picture of what is going on and how it is impacting you.

As I develop a clear understanding of you and your situation, I will personalize the best approach for you, and together, we’ll come up with a treatment plan to address your problem. I will ask you to work on your issues throughout the week, not just during our sessions. I typically give homework during each session designed specifically for you. We’ll set goals together and work toward those throughout our time together.

From the Therapist

Relationships can be the most hurtful experiences in our lives and also the most rewarding. I see the therapeutic process as more than working on goals toward a desired change. I believe the therapeutic relationship is key in the healing process. It offers a safe place of expression, acceptance, healing, and an understanding of how healthy relationships work.

I know it takes courage to step into the counseling process, and I hold a great deal of respect toward those who venture into the difficult and challenging process of working on themselves and their relationships. As I guide you through the counseling journey, I try to create a relaxed atmosphere in our sessions while challenging you at a pace you can handle.

How I Approach Sessions

Sessions typically occur weekly or every other week for 50 minutes. I highly encourage clients to work on their issues throughout the week and give personally tailored homework in accordance with achieving that. I am goal-centric, meaning we will establish goals early on and work toward those goals throughout the counseling process.

Sheri's online office
This is what you will see with my online office.

Schedule a complimentary phone consultation

I will reach out to you to schedule a suitable time for a 15-minute complimentary phone consultation. If we determine together to move forward, we will schedule a counseling appointment.

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