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Providing counseling services in Arizona and New York, Sheri offers psychotherapy specializing in anxiety, OCD and phobias, and recovery from narcissistic abuse. She offers online counseling to meet the needs of busy professionals and to be available for residents located anywhere in New York state and Arizona. She also provides coaching, Christian counseling, and the opportunity to incorporate alternative and complementary medicines for holistic care. 

Help for Anxiety & OCD

Are you feeling like your emotions are overwhelming you?  Or that your mind is racing and you can’t seem to gain control anymore? Does your mood seem to dictate how your day goes? Maybe you have tried different things to help but nothing seems to work.

Have you been struggling with panic and are afraid it will creep up on you again and you fear you might lose control? Are you stuck in a pattern of repetitive thoughts or behaviors?

Imagine being able to gain a sense of control over your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. That you have hope, stability, and purpose. That you’re able to get past that feeling of being “stuck.”

Help for Damaging Relationships

Are you recovering from a narcissistic relationship? Are you dealing with manipulative or destructive behavior from someone you care about? Are you noticing a pattern of conflict in some of your relationships? Maybe you’re realizing you need to set boundaries, and you’re struggling with how to do so. Or you’re discovering you have a pattern of relationships that is unhealthy, and you want to learn how to change things? 

Imagine you are able to break free of unhealthy patterns and feel confident in your life and your relationships. That you feel like you have a good sense of how to have healthy relationships and can identify potentially harmful ones. And you have learned what role you played in childhood that is still playing out today. That you are able to learn how to change that role and dynamics into healthy ones.

Individual Psychotherapy

I offer individual psychotherapy and counseling for people who desire to work one-on-one with a therapist to dive deep into an issue they are struggling with or an area of life that is challenging them. Sometimes, this is addressing issues from one’s childhood, seeking an understanding of a pattern of broken or damaging relationships, or needing to figure out how to overcome an obstacle or challenge in one’s life.

Psychotherapy helps to develop a greater understanding of oneself, learn how to take control of one’s life, and develop healthy coping skills to respond to life’s challenges. Together, we will explore thought patterns, beliefs, emotions, behavioral patterns, relational patterns, the history of the problem, environmental factors, and lifestyle factors that may be influencing the problem and develop goals to help you achieve your desired change.

I take an integrative approach with individuals, primarily utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and psychodynamic therapy. I also incorporate exposure and response prevention (ERP), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and internal family systems (IFS) depending on the needs of the client.

Integrative Medicine

I have a passion for alternative and complementary medicines because of their holistic approach. Integrative medicine can help mental health issues by addressing the whole body instead of merely treating or reducing symptoms. For clients who desire to approach their mental health from an integrative medicine perspective, I will incorporate this into our work together. Much research has been done on integrative medicine and its evidence-based success.

Together, we will do a comprehensive assessment looking at diet, nutrition, digestion, sleep patterns, exercise, and daily habits and how these impact mental health. We may incorporate nutritional therapies, culinary medicine, nutritional supplementation, herbal medicine, and aromatherapy, among other things, while working in conjunction with your other integrative medicine practitioners like naturopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists, etc., to treat the whole person.

Christian Counseling

Some individuals desire to incorporate their Christian faith in the counseling process. As a Christian, I can help those who desire a biblical perspective with their counseling goals.

Christian counseling incorporates a biblical worldview with the principles of psychology to improve mental health and relationships. Some clients desire to include prayer in their counseling time and may want to look at specific scripture passages. I find out from each client what their expectations are so we can incorporate these together in our therapeutic work. Many Christians have been unnecessarily shamed for seeking mental health services and fear being accused of lacking faith for getting help. My approach is to create a safe atmosphere where, together, we can seek the best strategies for each individual. 


Some individuals don’t have a problem area to focus on per se but instead desire to work toward specific goals. If you would like to develop an understanding of what is holding you back or how you can make changes to help you achieve your goals, coaching might be a great approach for you. I take a brief strategic approach with these clients to help them develop an action plan and implement it while getting to the core of the obstacles. 

I also offer premarital coaching/counseling for couples who want to prepare for marriage and learn the skills necessary for a successful foundation for marriage. I utilize a premarital assessment to help identify any areas of concern and potential growth areas. For clients seeking to marry in Arizona with a Covenant Marriage License, I can offer premarital counseling services and sign off on their affidavit.

Online Counseling

I offer online counseling for both New York and Arizona residents. Online counseling is an excellent fit for busy schedules and allows you the opportunity to log on in the comfort of your own home or office. Having the advantage of no travel time and not needing to fight traffic, clients find the convenience of online counseling a perfect fit for their lifestyle. It also allows clients across the state to access quality counseling. Research has shown there is no difference in outcome between in-person and online counseling. I’ll be honest in saying that when online counseling first became available, I did not think it would be as effective. I have found over the past years that my clients do just as well, if not better, than in-person counseling. I have a private, HIPAA-compliant online office where my clients are able to participate from the comfort of their own space. My clients who have pets love to be able to do counseling with them nearby or in their lap. 

The Healing Journey

I walk alongside people in their brokenness, woundedness, frustration, confusion, and hurt, and invite them to allow me to help them navigate through these, and to help them move past the raw feelings or numbness. I also challenge people and work with them to dig into the core of their issues so they can move beyond a feeling of being “stuck.”

I currently see adults of all ages.
Some of the issues I work with are:

Family of Origin Issues
Life Transitions
Relationship Issues
Toxic Relationships
Trust Issues

Schedule a complimentary phone consultation

I will reach out to you to schedule a suitable time for a 15-minute complimentary phone consultation. If we determine together to move forward, we will schedule a counseling appointment.

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