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Serving all of Arizona and New York
Although many of my clients are from Arcadia, Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, and NYC, I am able to serve all of Arizona and New York State. 

The benefits of online counseling are:

  • You can be in the comfort of your own environment.
  • There is more flexibility with scheduling since you will not need to include traffic time.
  • You are able to select an expert that fits your needs without being limited by geographical area.
  • There is no commute or traffic stresses.
  • It provides more accessibility for those suffering from chronic illness or pain.
"Let's schedule a time to talk and see if together we can help get you back on track toward healing and growth."
Sheri Orr

Schedule a complimentary phone consultation

I will reach out to you to schedule a suitable time for a 15-minute complimentary phone consultation. If we determine together to move forward, we will schedule a counseling appointment.

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