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Available at Amazon: I “Hate” You & Want You Out of My Life
It’s a harsh title, but this book is not about hate. It’s about how to deal with toxic relationships, whether friendship, family, or romantic. If you’ve been hurt in a relationship you might be feeling stuck about what was done to you. You may even be feeling hatred. This interactive book will help get you unstuck and moving on with your life.


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Family Issues

The Trauma Dance: Grieving the Loss of a Harmful Parent

Sometimes, when you lose a parent, you lose a best friend.Sometimes, you lose a stable force in your life, and it’s like losing the leg of a chair when they’re gone.You have to figure out how to get through life a little wobbly without that support. But, for others, you’ve ...
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doctor health anxiety comfort

What is Health Anxiety?

Have you ever noticed a new pain in your body and wondered what was causing it?  Do you immediately jump to the conclusion that it must be cancer and you’re going to die? Do you excessively worry or have anxiety over your health? Have you had a discomfort or tightening ...
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Your Brain On Anxiety

Have you ever wondered why you feel a wash of anxiety flood your body? Your brain has a lot to do with it. Let’s look at how our brain functions through anxiety. The Function of the Brain First, let’s talk about the key parts of the anxious brain. We’re only ...
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magnesium glycinate

Does Magnesium Glycinate Help with Anxiety?

Can magnesium help with anxiety? Magnesium has become more acceptable as a supplement in treating depression.[1]  It is also being used to help with ADHD symptoms.[2]  But what about anxiety? Some studies are showing a beneficial outcome of magnesium among those struggling with anxiety. [3] How is it beneficial? What ...
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Sleep Hygiene

Getting a Grip on Sleep Hygiene

Sleep hygiene has a huge impact on our physical, emotional, and mental health.[i] If you are not getting adequate sleep, you are risking health in each of these areas. If you could make one lifestyle change right now, I would encourage you to work on improving your sleep hygiene. Sleep ...
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Stress Management

Do You Have Control During a Pandemic?

Worldwide pandemic pretty much outranks many things when it comes to stress. Where the government issues shelter-in-place orders and requests (or requires) you wear a facemask when out in public. Where panicked masses hoard months-worth of food and supplies, resulting in grocery store shelves being laid bare. It’s straight out ...
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How Firm Are Your Boundaries?

Many of us have that one family member who seems to set out to set us off. This can be exacerbated during the holidays when we have a lot of family in tight quarters. Whether it’s a politically based discussion or attacks on our character, it leaves us wanting to ...
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Uninvited During the Holidays

It wasn’t long ago I was privately licking the wounds of being excluded. I found myself in denial, setting out hope that whatever had caused division in relationships would blow over and things would eventually return to a normalcy. When it continued, I had to come to terms with how ...
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Why Men Hate Marriage Counseling

I’m hearing a consistent refrain from men – “Marriage counseling consists of sitting for one hour a week getting to hear all of the things I’ve done wrong in my marriage.” This is from men who have experienced marriage counseling first-hand and walked away seeing it as a one-sided process. ...
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Family Issues

Tell Your Family Where to Go this Holiday!

Tell your family where to go, or more accurately, where you’re going! The holidays can tend to serve up a main dish of dysfunction in many families. It’s a focus of discussion with a lot of the couples I work with because of the level of stress involved with dealing ...
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