Getting Unstuck

Sheri Orr, MA


The Path to Getting Unstuck

Are you feeling overwhelmed, defeated, or anxious? Or maybe you’re struggling with relationship issues. Do you feel like you’re on the brink of having a panic attack or feeling paralyzed to act? Do you find your heart racing, your stomach twisting, and your thoughts running non-stop? Maybe you struggle with imposter syndrome and fear others will see the “real” you. Are you having conflict in some of your relationships and that’s adding stress and friction to your life?

Imagine being able to gain a sense of control over your thoughts and emotions. To feel confident in your life and relationships. That you have hope, stability, and purpose again. That you’re able to get past that feeling of being “stuck.”


We'll look at your anxiety cycle and begin unraveling it to replace it with learned skills and a healthy cycle. We'll identify triggers and themes and how your body experiences anxiety. We'll also look at what is underlying that is contributing to your anxiety overall.

Relationship Issues

Whether you are struggling with a romantic relationship or extended family, in-laws, coworkers, or friends, we'll identify unhealthy patterns within the relationship. You'll learn communication and conflict resolution skills, healthy boundaries, and gain an understanding of roles and patterns while learning new ways of relating.


We'll look at your thought patterns, beliefs, behaviors, lifestyle influences, and relationships to get at the underlying issues contributing to your depression. At the same time you'll learn coping strategies and skills to help understand and alleviate your depression.



I see change being most successful when we can get at the underlying issues. These may be deep-seeded from childhood or from a trauma. I will work with you at uncovering what might be contributing to your current issues and help you develop insight into these. I like to do psychotherapy in conjunction with counseling which teaches skills.


I will teach you skills to implement immediately so you can experience some positive change while we work at understanding the deeper contributing issues through psychotherapy. Based on your interests and preferences I also offer to incorporate Christian counseling and/or Integrative Medicine to help you achieve your goals.


Some individuals prefer to focus on personal growth with solution-focused goals. We can work together establishing forward-driven goals that help with personal, relational, and professional growth.
Some of my counseling clients like to continue meeting monthly to continue to work toward specific goals after their therapeutic goals have been met.

The Growth Journey

Finding a counselor can be stressful. Will you connect? Will you feel understood? I walk alongside people in their brokenness, woundedness, frustration, and hurt, and invite them to allow me to help them navigate toward healing. I will meet you where you are at and challenge and encourage you toward growth.

"I hope we have an opportunity to meet. I would like to hear your story and walk with you on your healing and growth journey."
Sheri Orr

I currently see adults of all ages. Some of the issues I work with are:

Family of Origin Issues
Life Transitions
Relationship Issues
Toxic Relationships
Trust Issues


Schedule a complimentary phone consultation

I will reach out to you to schedule a suitable time for a 15-minute complimentary phone consultation. If we determine together to move forward, we will schedule a counseling appointment.

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